Monday, October 17, 2016

Pear Chips with Cinammon Sugar

Pear Chips with Cinnamon Sugar
Try dehydrating pear instead of apple…it will be crispy if we slice it very thin and remain the skin unpeel.  If the cuts are too thick, it will be chewy texture.  I love using Australia pear!!!! It’s taste sweet and yummy. 1 pear is about 1 ½ tray.
Level – easy


Pears (optional – peel or not peel)

Cinnamon sugar mixture
1-2 tbsp. raw brown sugar or coconut sugar mix with 1 tbsp. cinnamon powder
Mix all the ingredients a mixing bowl and keep aside.

1.   Cut pear into half before slicing.  Use a slicer to thin slice it.
2.      Add the pear slices to the cinnamon mixture and toss the pear and make sure all are evenly covered with cinnamon sugar.
3.      Arrange evenly on the Excalibur dehydrator screen. Hydrate at 41°C for 12 hours or overnight or until dry and crispy.
4.      Store in an air-tight container. It will be soft if exposed to air.

Notes: Don’t toss to long, it will become watery. We want the pear to be coated with cinnamon sugar.

Excalibur Dehydrator



Corn Chips

Corn Chips
I was exploring new raw chips for my exhibition and I found this interesting corn chips. It’s easy and is economy to make too…


1 cup can kernel sweet corn

1 cup can puree sweet corn


1.Prepare a sheet of parefflex on top of Excalibur Dehydrator screen.

2.Put all the ingredients into a blender and blend into puree form.

3.Spread the puree on top of the parafflex. Don’t spread too thin.

4.Dehydrated at 50°C for about 8-11 hours or overnight.

5.Break into pieces and enjoy.

Excalibur dehydrator
High power blender

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Monday, August 8, 2016

Coconut buns, white grated coconut

Coconut bun, white grated coconut
Makes about          : 16 buns
Pre heat oven        : 150 c
KitchenAid mixer   : dough hook, speed 2

Bun dough
500 g bread flour
6 g instant yeast
50g caster sugar
5g salt
20g soy milk powder
1 (M) size egg
250g (-+) water
50g butter, soften
1 egg for glazing
Garnish - white sesame (optional)

100g water
1/4 tsp. sea salt
70g sugar
5 pcs pandan leaves, tied a knot
250g fresh grated coconut, white only
1 tbsp. Corn starch
2 tbsp. water

1.    Put all ingredients (A) in the KitchenAid mixing bowl and attached to the mixer. Attach dough hook, use speed 1 to stir, till all we'll combine. Change the speed to 2 and add (B) and continue kneading till almost dough. Add (C) continue kneading for 10-15 minutes till the dough is shiny and not sticking to the side of the mixer bowl.

2.    Remover the dough from bowl and make it like a ball. Put back into bowl. Cover with a damp kitchen cloth and allow to rest for 45minutes or 1 hour or till double its size.

3.    Plunge down the dough on a clean surface. Weight 50g dough, shape it round and proof for 10 minutes. Continue doing this process for the balance of dough. Spray water to avoid dryness on the dough surface or cover with a damp cloth.

4.     Wrap with filling, brush with egg wash and sprinkle sesame on top. Proof for 10 minutes and bake at 190c for 15-20 minutes or according to your oven setting.

Method For Filling
1.    Put ingredient (A) to a pot. Allow to boil on a small flame till sugar has dissolve. Off the flame and allow the pandan to infuse for 5 minutes before removing the pandan leaves.

2.    On the flame to medium heat. Add coconut and keep stirring till well mix with the water. Then add the corn starch thickener to thicken the filling. It's should be wet texture but not watery.

 Notes: The filling can be cooked in advance and keep in fridge for a week before use.

By West Metric Sdn Bhd

Prepared by      : Chef Bee


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Latte Chiffon Cake

Latte Chiffon Cake

Preheat oven : 170C
Baba cake tin : 21 cm
Stage : Intermediate
Preparation time : 1 hour or more

Coffee Mixture
10 g instant coffee powder
12.5 g hot water
120 g warm milk
Flour mixture-shift flour and mix well
188 g pastry flour or superfine flour
3 g baking powder
Egg yolk batter
5 g egg yolk (L)
75 g caster sugar or less
113 g olive oil or grape seed oil
Egg white
6 egg white (L)
87 g caster sugar or less

150 g whipping cream
10 g shifted icing sugar

Preheat oven and prepare cake tin.

Prepare the coffee mixture and set aside.

Prepare the yolk batter. Put egg yolks and sugar in the mixing bowl. Attach the whisker and gradually adjust speed from 1 to 10 for 5 second then change the speed to 6. Continue whisking till thick and fluffy. (Pale in color). Decrease the speed to 2 and gradually add oil till well combine.
Add in the coffee mixture to egg yolk batter and whisk till well mixed. Set aside.

Prepare the egg white.  Put the eggs white in a clean mixing bowl. Attach the whisker and with speed 10 whisk the egg white for 2 second. Then change to speed 6 and gradually add sugar and continue whisking till firm peak form.

Mix 1/3 egg whites to the egg yolk batter and gentle mix with spatula. Add flour mixture and mix until well incorporated. Continue doing this process till all finish.
Pour the batter in the prepare cake tin. Tap gently on the counter top to release any air bubbles.

Bake for 40-45 minutes or until a skewer inserted into center of cake comes out clean.

Remove from oven and inverted the cake on a wire rack. Let it cool completely before un-moulding.
Prepare the cream. Put cream and icing sugar in a clean mixing bowl. Attach the whisker and with speed 10 and whipped till medium form peak. Do not over whipped. And keep in the fridge.
Slice the cake into 2 , spread the cream and sandwich with another slice. Spread the balance of the cream on top of the cake. Garnish with fresh fruits. Keep in fridge for 1 hour or more before serving.

Notes: cake can be keep for 2-3 days in fridge.

KitchenAid Mixer - Accessory used - whisker

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Raw Dessert - Green Tea Cheesecake, Cocoa Nibs, Mango sauce

Green tea Cheesecake, Cacao nibs, mango sauce
9” loose base pan or 2 smaller loose base pan (line with cling foam hanging from sides)
Equipment                    : Excalibur Dehydrator, Blendtec HP blender, KitchenAid 13 cups food processor
Total preparation days : 3 days
Ingredients: Base
2 cups pecans or walnuts soaked & rinsed
3 tbsp.  Coconut sugar
1 tbsp. melted cacao butter
1 tbsp.  Lucama
3 tbsp. cacao powder
Pinch of sea salt
1 tsp. vanilla extract

Put all the ingredients into a food processor. Press pulse till crumbly texture. Press in to the line pan and keep in fridge to harden the base.

 Ingredients: Filling
Fermentation  : 2 cups soaked cashews
                           1 cup water
                           1 capsule probiotics or 1 tsp. probiotics
Flavoring:      2 tbsp. lemon juice
                ¾ cup raw cane sugar
                        ½ tsp. vanilla extract
                        3 tsp. green tea powder (high quality)
                        Pinch of sea salt
                        ¾ grape seed oil or coconut oil (warm) (some people don’t like coconut oil taste, option use grape seed oil)

1.     Blend the cashews and water in a high power blender till smooth. Then lastly add probiotics for a quick mix.
2.     Transfer to a bowl and cover with a cloth in the dehydrator at 85F overnight. It’s should be sour taste and tiny bubbles too during fermentation. If you are happy with the taste, then can proceed to the flavoring process.
3.     Put the cashew fermentation (must be cool) and the rest of the flavoring ingredients except the oil in to a blender. Blend till well combine and gradually add warm oil.
4.     Pour on to the base and fridge overnight till set. If the cheese filling is too soft, place the whole cake into the freezer for few hours before serving.

Prepare Cacao Nibs
1 cup pitted dates (soak if it’s hard)
1 cup walnuts
¼ cup cashews
1 tbs. tahini
½ tsp. sea salt
1 tsp. vanilla extract
¼ cacao powder
1.     Process dates to fine paste, then add the cashews and walnut and grind to fine bites.
2.     Finally, add the rest of the ingredients till well mix. Keep aside for garnishing.
Mango sauce
1 or 2 fresh lily mangoes
1.     Cut the flesh and blend till smooth. Keep aside.
Notes: No fresh mango, substitute with 1 cup dehydrated mango, soaked overnight till soften,


Monday, January 4, 2016

Flourless Nutella Hazelnut Cake

Flourless Nutella Cake
Serves: 10 or 12
9” round loose base cake pan, greased
Preheat: 180°c
(A)       125g soft butter (cut cubes)
400g Nutella (1 big jar)
(B)        6 (L) eggs yolk
100g grounded hazelnuts
2 tbsp. hazelnuts liqueur or rum
(C)        100g dark semisweet chocolate 60% - chopped (melted)
(D)       6 (L) eggs white
A pinch of cream of tartar
For Topping
100g hazelnut without skin (toasted) keep aside

125g dark chocolate 60% (chopped)(sweet or unsweetened)

125ml whipping cream/heavy cream

2 tbsp. hazelnut liqueur or rum


1.     Preheat the oven. Beat (A) till butter are combine and smooth texture. Add the (B) egg yolks one at a time till all finish then follow by ground hazelnut and rum.

2.     Fold in the cooled melted chocolate and mixed till all well combined. Keep aside.

3.     In another mixing bowl, whisk (D) egg whites till stiff.

4.     Add a large dollop of egg white into the chocolate mixture. Here you can mix as hard as you want. Then the rest of the egg whites, you have to fold as gentle as possible till all finish.

5.     Pour into the prepared grease pan and baked for 40-45 minutes or until the cake begin to come away from the side of the cake pan or insert a stick and it’s come out clean. Cool on a rack before unmold the cake. Once cold unmold carefully.

Toast the Nuts: In a dry frying pan, toast the nuts until aroma and golden brown color. Keep shaking the pan so that they don’t burn and evenly toasted. Keep aside to cool.

Topping: In a saucepan, add cream, liqueur and chocolate and gently heat. Once chocolate melted, remove the pan from heat and whisk till smooth and shining. Gently pour onto the top of the cake and dot the toasted hazelnuts on top.


Notes: Don’t buy hazelnuts with skin, can use slice almond. Can use another liqueur if don’t have rum or hazelnut liqueur. This cake is less sweet, if you want a bit sweeter, you can use sweet chocolate then dark chocolate but the cake color will be lighter brown.



Equipment: KitchenAid mixer


West Metric Sdn Bhd, Jan 2016

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hokkaido Bread

Hokkaido Bread

Made: 2 loafs bread
Prepare 2 tin loaf (8" x 4" x 4")
Preheat oven: 180c
Kneading time: about 20-25 minutes

 *How to made Tang Zhong dough (similar to sponge dough but no yeast is used)
100g bread flour plus 80g hot boiling water and knead into dough. Leave it cool before chill in fridge till overnight before using

1 portion of the Tang Zhong dough
400 g bread flour
1 tsp.  salt
2 1/2 tsp. yeast
1 egg
120 g almond milk (unsweetened)
120 g whipping cream
70 g caster sugar
50g soften butter

1 egg slightly beaten for glazing

1.        Add all ingredients (A) into a mixer bowl except the almond milk till we'll combine. Then add the almond milk bit by bit till it become a dough. Add (B) and knead into a shining dough and elastic to touch. To do a stretch test check if the dough is fully develops by stretching a small piece of dough with your fingers. If the dough can stretch thinly, it is good but it tears, and then kneads again till it passes the next stretch test.

2.        Cover with damp cloth and leave to rest for 1 hour or double in size.

3.        Divide the dough into 6 equal portions. Round up and cover with damp cloth and rest for 10minutes before shaping.

4.        Flatten each dough and roll up tightly like a Swiss roll. Place in the loaf tin and cover with damp cloth and rest till double in size or for 45 minutes. ( each tin loaf is 3 portion and don't place to near to each other)

5.        Glaze with egg wash and bake in preheat oven for 30 minutes or till cooked. Remove and cool for 10 minutes before remove from pan. Leave to completely cool before cutting.


Notes:         is better to bake in bread loaf tin.
Almond milk can be substitute with fresh milk.

Equipment: KitchenAid Mixer